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Featuring: INSIDE the NOTEBOOKS – A Journey Below the Surface
The future of fitness won’t be about how far you can run or how much you can lift. The future of fitness will be about how often you are moving, how well-coordinated those movements are executed, and whether you are learning something new at the same time “.
Brian Deiker


You would be hard-pressed to find someone more committed to staying true to a “lifestyle” brand than Brian Deiker, especially in the area of skill acquisition. Brian’s unwavering curiosity and passion to explore “what’s possible”, once it is known what the brain needs to learn, retain, maintain, and ultimately recall a skill, has fueled a journey spanning three decades. This journey comprises over 30,000 hours of research, observation, and experimentation, all directly targeted at proving that movement and learning are intimately connected in so many ways. From brain training and brain fitness to skill acquisition, Brian has condensed his research into an easy-to-understand approach that everyone can integrate into their daily lives.


Just as listening to live music or seeing a play in person heightens your experience, INSIDE the NOTEBOOKS – A Journey Below the Surface “LIVE” creates a similar feeling. Brian enjoys sharing his research and observations with a live audience and his examples and demonstrations are best-served through his live seminars and workshops. After each talk, Brian holds a Q&A session and looks forward to the challenge of answering each and every question. Rather than just provide simple answers, Brian’s goal is to provide practical solutions that make sense – solutions for everyone to take home and begin their own journey.


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I have taken this trip Below the Surface many times, so the path to getting there has already been paved for you. But this time, my trip is going to be much more exciting because I’ll be taking you with me. This is a chance for me to show you a completely new perspective of what your brain is capable of. By going Below the Surface you will get a preview of what’s possible when you provide your brain with what it needs. You can think of me as “Your Personal Tour Guide”. Brian Deiker