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BRIAN Deiker

Move Learner and Observationalist Experimentalist

You would be hard pressed to find someone more committed to staying true to a “lifestyle” brand than Brian Deiker, especially in the area of skill acquisition. Brian’s unwavering curiosity and passion to explore “what’s possible”, once you understand what the brain needs in order to learn, retain, maintain, and ultimately recall a skill, has fueled a journey spanning three decades.


Seminars and workshops

Just as listening to live music or seeing a play in person heightens your experience, INSIDE the NOTEBOOKS – A Journey Below the Surface “LIVE” creates a similar feeling. Brian enjoys sharing his research and observation with a live audience and his examples and demonstrations are best-served through his live seminars and workshops. After each talk, Brian holds a Q&A session and looks forward to the challenge of answering each and every question.

Brians books

Latest: Update Your Brain

The Making Of

For my latest book series, The Power of Movement, I spent almost three decades of research. Each time when I thought I figured out how the brain worked, new doors opened and challenged me to go further and further.
It was an incredible journey. With these books I want to share my knowledge with the world and hope to encourage you to pick up new skills.

Being a soccer coach I work with students in the age between 10 years and 17 years. After reading The Power of Movement I realized that I can optimize my training schedule to achieve more results.

John Wilkins

During a seminar of Brian where he would let the audience participate, I learned something in a few minutes of what I never managed in my entire life before: jumping rope. And, with his tips it all was easy to learn.

Jean Bower

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